Netsuite ERP

Key points from Netsuite 2022 Release 2

It has become a real challenge for many business owners to get their businesses back on track after suffering from pandemics in recent years. It’s necessary to give attention to specific things like Inventory management for high-margin items, minimizing human errors by using automation, and budget adjustment to control spending.

The recent Netsuite’s 2022 release 2 will help you bring back your business to its original state that overcomes many difficulties you would face including some of those mentioned above. This release has the following key points

1.Smart Count solution:

2. Item 360:

3. Rebates and Trade Promotions:

4.CRM Add-on:

5. CRM Workbooks:

We at Tech i-Vin Technologies has helped many companies of different domain from  all over the globe to implement and configure Netsuite System successfully as per their business need.

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