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We believe a good process and comprehensive approach towards it can make a remarkable difference in the product outcome. So we emphasize more on our process

01: Brainstorming

It is a way to perceive ideas within a group or team usually done in the beginning stages of a project where the possibilities for the project are not clearly understood or defined.

02: Wireframe Design

Your thoughts are even more clear when you visualise your ideas. Wireframe design is nothing but blueprint which is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of your product.

03: Development

To turn your blueprints into a live product is what the developers in this phase does. Step by step your product gets build in this phase

04: Testing & Release

Before you release a product to all the user we have a beta test group. And after the Signoff, we proceed with the release part of the phase.

Core Services

Each service provided at Tech i-Vin are the integral part of the customer success story.


NetSuite is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. We provide you with its custom solutions as per your requirements.


NFT Marketplace

The most important step in selling your NFTs or NFTs collection is choosing the correct Marketplace. We can build a stunning NFT Marketplace for you including front end, back end, smart contract, etc



If you are looking for a NetSuite bookkeeping service that can help you improve your financial accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind, then contact us today for a free consultation.


AR/VR Development

We craft Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences. We are master in VR Game Development, VR App for E-Commerce, Custom Augmented Reality Solutions, AR based Mobile App Development


Website Design & Development

Among the "web professionals" we are one of the leading tech team who can provide you with the best options for your designs. With study and suggest you most suitable designs, development and animations. We have expertises this area as well.


Graphics Design

With the help of our dedicated team of design, we provide wide range of graphics design services. We majorly focus on Illustration, Concept art, Character design, UI/UX design, 2D/3D design, Comic Book Design etc.



Share your thoughts or ideas that you would like us to turn that into reality. We can get back to you with the quotation! Let us help you grow, your growth is our growth indeed!

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