10 best NFT marketplace for the NFTs trading

The non-fungible token (NFTs) are stored on blockchain technology and traded with different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Since these are digital products/things so there are several websites on which you can purchase NFTs.

The most important step in selling your NFTs or NFTs collection is choosing the correct Marketplace. It’s just not about the gas fees but it’s also important to consider which of the many NFT marketplaces best suits the type of NFT you’re creating, and which blockchain it uses.

Following are the different NFT Marketplace available currently,

1. OpenSea
2. Nifty Gateway
3. Rarible
4. Binance NFT
5. SuperRare
6. Async Art
7. MakersPlace
8. KnownOrigin
9. Foundation
10. Zora
11. Mintable

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