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Scope of Requirement:

“Sales Order A linked to PO A (Supplier A) and PO B (Supplier B). Since our customers don’t know which supplier we will use and they order products in one batch but we separate the SO items by using the Special Order Link to create the PO A and PO B.
Now - several weeks later we get the final order from the customer so we need to modify Sales Order A. These changes may include qty, due date, price, and items so essentially at the line item level. So to make the SO changes we need to unlink PO A and PO B. Modify Sales orders or create new sales orders for the final qty /distribution ordered by a customer. Then relink to the original PO A and PO B and evaluate the need to modify PO A and/or PO B for items, Qty, ship dates, etc. Confirm this clarifies your questions.” Additionally, it was mentioned that once the user saves the SO there should be a pop up saying “Whether you want to attach an existing PO to this SO?”, If Yes is selected then there will be a list of PO coming on the screen and you can select one or multiple PO from the list. If the user Selects New PO, then in that case user will be redirected to the New PO form.


Attaching PO to single/multiple SO’s : We will create a field on Purchase Order Record called “PO number” and it will be storing the PO number that is generated by NetSuite Natively. This needs to be done so that we can attach multiple POs to the lines on SO since natively NetSuite allows only one PO to be attached to the SO. Once this is done, we will create a list of this Field and display it on the line level of SO We will also Allow the hyperlinking of this using script so that you can open the corresponding POs in View mode We will test the GL impacts as well so that the reporting doesn’t get affected. Pop Up “Whether you want to attach an existing PO to this SO? ” This will be done using the Scripts Client/UserEvent Script. We will be using SuiteLet to show the options for the available POs and the New PO button. For Updating the existing records, we will be using either the Mass Update script or CSV import


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