Hardware Selling Telecom Industry Got Their Accounting & Project Management Scenarios Customized With Netsuite

Case Study


Here we created customers directly in Netsuite for them after that we made Sales Order for the customers and project is created for the same and on that project we created resource.

Solution Provided:

• Time management as per time based billing:-
• Two ways Vendor management – where they pay contractors and vendors.
• Expense module - they provide expenses to the employees
• Purchase order automation – to make billing easy on automated system having auto bill creation on 12th day of each month and auto billing goes varies level of hierarchy for approvals after approval the bills got paid to the vendors
• Also we integrated pipe drive for handling CRM system in net suite to fetch the data
• Also we taken the required data from their own internal system and we processed it further.

We integrated Many Workflows and automation for:

• Purchase order
• Vendor bill
• Time record

• Also we did Allowance time entry creation: - If employee does extra work for that we created custom records and managed the same Fully customized Templates as per client needs.
• We created custom PDF and mail html templates.

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