Whether you are starting a business or upgrading your current system, NetSuite is one of the most popular and reliable Cloud-based ERP Suite solutions available. NetSuite is a versatile cloud-based business management software that helps small to medium businesses manage their finances, operations, and sales. With the right license option, it provides numerous benefits to its users. This article dives into the different types of Netsuite licenses available and how companies can get them along with exploring some add-ons that come with this great software.

Types of NetSuite License:

There are three types of NetSuite license;

  1. Standard edition
  2. Professional Edition
  3. Enterprise edition

which differs in cost depending on what type of functionality the business requires from the software suite. Understanding these packages will help you decide which one meets your needs best as each has unique features such as speed limits, access levels, etc., and pricing points vary according to company size or industry requirements.

Standard/Basic License:

The standard license is suitable for small businesses that have modest user numbers (10 users max) and volume transactions per month (1 million transactions). For these companies who would like basic functionalities, this package should be sufficient enough by providing access to all the core modules such as Financial Management, Revenue Recognition & Billing, etc., without any additional costs.

Mid Market/Advanced Package:

The mid-market licenses add more flexible user visibility levels & reporting capabilities compared with the Basic edition at an added cost; which is ideal if data regulation compliance is an essential part of operations within your organization or if company size has grown over time since the initial subscription was made…Includes up to 25 Users plus advanced functionality including billing services & revenue recognition reports along with integrations not available in the basic option which could become handy in day-to-day duties related to top accounting tasks.

Enterprise Edition:

While based around the same architecture, enterprise-level includes unlimited users with extensive customization ability offering a broad range from manufacturing process ideation through the creation and then distribution. Prices vary accordingly but could create new innovative opportunities set previously unavailable.

Add-ons Available With A Licensed Version:

Aside from the regular bundle, there exists a variety of extra management functions accessible via third-party plugins called “addons” which aim increase flexibility greatly depending upon intended goals and expected results making measurement possible centering great bottom line savings towards the end goal success. Once the setup procedure is completed successfully – apart from regular support availability throughout the usage life cycle it’s still highly advisable gauging through possible add-ins/integrations offered via other vendors trained better towards empowering NetSuite user interface requirements like customizing specific dashboards, handling data segmentations whilst offering customer visibility solutions must also be assessed prior closing out task-related matters controlling core areas pertaining to planning production staff distribution inventory forecasting reporting capabilities etcetera around additional enablers leveraging 3rd parties or even existing hosted systems already operating under same org umbrella.

How To Get The Right License For Your Company?

Once you select an appropriate package based on having evaluated current functionalities desired by your entity/organization – allocating time within team members to understand various options further before purchasing a license would be recommended so that decision-makers should have a presence when license specifications are discussed openly and shared within those who’ll eventually use Netsuite more aggressively i.e., there should be no blind purchase decisions made without adequate awareness about tools delivered through a selected version being purchased). You should choose a license that will grow eventually with your Business to avoid purchasing new licenses at every growing stage.

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