Own Propriety Software For Manufacturing Industry Made Lead To Cash Process

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They used Netsuite for three purposes:-
• Project Management
• Accounting

Project Management:

The account receivables was basically based on the number of hours generated for each billing so billing was done according to the number of hours generated so we implemented pm resource allocation time based billing part


•Lead to cash process In CRM we generated lead to invoice process
• Lead was generated depending on certain criteria’s it converted in to customer once the customer was created and estimate was provided if the estimate was accepted on single button click we generated an so for the client depending on the time and Sales order and other criteria’s the billing (invoice) was generated and depending on that invoicing we billed the client accordingly also We did many automation for this client as well

They were using standard practices of net suite and we implemented most of the standard practices available with net suite they were using multicurrency so we handled multicurrency for them we implemented chart of accounts for them we created custom reports for them. Many of the reports were not available in net suite so we used suite let functionality of net suite to generate reports they also used ns for purchase order as well as employee expenses

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